Earl Grey – Love It or Hate It!

Most recently, I have been consuming quite large cups of Earl Grey Tea. Venti Starbucks cups to be precise. Two a day. Now, earl grey was not my first choice, but one day while in the drive through, I decided instead of the latte I usually get, I asked the staff member, ” What teas do you have?” And the first one out of his mouth was Earl Grey. I thought – ok, I haven’t had earl grey tea in like forever, so I said – give me that one…

The first thing that hit me was the god awful, extreme aroma of an earl grey tea. By the time I got to the shop, I thought – I can’t drink this, it smells like perfume! And it does! Should I wear it or drink it? Past stories from tea aquaintances came flooding back to me from the World Tea Conference. I can’t stand the aroma, or I can’t stand the astringent bitter taste of earl grey!

But I thought, I’ll give it a try…. That was over a month a go and now I have a large cup addiction for Earl Grey Tea. I order it so often, the staff at Starbucks told me when they see my vehicle around town they say to themselves, ” There goes Earl Grey!” No, I’m serious, they actually did tell me this. So I decided I would dedicate this Blog to the Earl Grey.

Earl Grey Tea is actually a blended tea. Added to a Black Tea base is an essential oil called ‘Oil of Bergamot’. This oil comes from the Bergamot Orange rind. It’s the citrus-y oil that gives the tea blend it’s astringent taste and flowery, citrus-y aroma. In today’s craftsman teas, earl grey teas have been blended with additional herbs and flavors such as Vanilla, Lavender, and Blue Corn Flowers.

Though not for the novice tea drinker, in my humble opinion, Earl Grey will make a great addition to any tea drinker’s stash, for when you want something unique to enjoy.

As an update to the Tea Shop, I am getting ready to start packaging the teas. I have spent the last two weeks getting the tea-makers and mugs out of boxes and into the displays. People have been stopping in looking for the teas! I am estimating the teas will be out in mass by the end of April/early May. I am so excited to finally have a space to offer my teas and introduce folks to the loose leaf teas I have come to enjoy.

Looking forward to meeting you all!! Stop in and say hi! And in the meantime, Do the Brew and Tip Those Tea Cups!


Judith Ames / 9 Lives Tea House & Cowgirl Chocolates Company

175 Mall Circle Dr., Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129


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