It’s off to the World Tea Expo we go……..


White Tea Brew

It’s THAT time of year again! In February, I begin to receive the notices in my inbox that my time is running out! Early registration ends on February 29th (since this is leap year)! Anxiety sets in about the 14th. Can I really afford to attend this year? Having finished my latest degree in December 2015, I am thrilled to be back to my tea venture almost full-time. (There are other ‘clean up’ things I have been putting off for – oh, say, the last three years!)



I develop great angst knowing that within the next two weeks, I have to decide what I will be doing in JUNE! Really? I have enough trouble deciding what I will be doing next week! Then, in the last week of pre-registration, I begin to receive emails daily! “Your time is running out!” “We will miss you if you don’t register soon!” Then, “Monday is the last day to reserve your spot!”  With each passing day, the pressure builds, until, the one email that really sends me into action – ” You can save $$$$ if you register by the end of today! Last chance!”

This email seems to spring me into action! Of course I want to go. I feel so out of the loop having missed last years Expo. I log into my account and proceed to fill out the registration. Then, wait, why can’t I sign up for my all time favorite Expo experience, The World Tea Tour. Nine whole hours of nothing but tea, tea, tea, then lunch! Then tea, tea, tea and more tea! It’s an absolutely glorious day – for the true addict! The tour experience includes all of the teas of the world, it’s the only time to connect with my all important suppliers! After all, I haven’t seen my friends in two years and certainly there are new varieties that I must add to my shop! After three attempts, I grow very frustrated and pick up the phone to call in my problem.

The folks that handle this Expo are always so nice – but, then again, that is part of the tea culture. She was unable to determine why the Tea Tour was not available on my forms. She tried on her computer and there it was! I tried switching from IE to Firefox and still no luck. Well, she says, then I will just register you from here. And with all of the patience in the world, she filled in all of the details for me. There is one question that asks if this is your first time attending. I said, “No, I have been three times before.” To which she replies, “Yes, I recognize your business name!” For a moment, I contemplate, “Is that a good thing? Or, a bad thing?” I chose to be positive and replied, ” Great! Yes, I have felt I missed so much last year since I was unable to attend”

tea brew

Since I was saving so much by pre-registering, I selected two or three additional lectures. I have never been disappointed, the speakers are superb. Upon finishing my registration, I hung up – quite pleased with myself at getting things done nearly at the absolute last-minute! Deciding not to procrastinate further,  I proceed to the airline and hotel sites and booked everything for my trip.

Shortly after, I begin to receive emails from my tea friends and tea suppliers, “Are you coming to the Expo this year?” To which I happily replied, “Absolutely!” It may not have been in the budget, but as my plans for the Tea Shop are expanding this year, I need to re-connect with my vendors and friends. It’s going to be a great adventure! And, this year the Expo falls on my birthday! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than with my tea addict friends!

World Tea Expo: Las Vegas, Nevada – June 13th – 17th.


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